School of Information Technology
Scientific Position & Featured Teaching
Adhering to the motto “virtue, objectiveness, ideality and preciseness” of Beijing Institute of Technology (
Scientific Position & Featured Teaching
Adhering to the motto “virtue, objectiveness, ideality and preciseness” of Beijing Institute of Technology (“BIT”), the information school aims to cultivate ethical and competent application-oriented talents in electronic information area. At present, the school has subordinate teaching and R&D sections such as the Department of Automation, the Department of Information Engineering, the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Electrical and Electronic Training Center, the Experimental Training Center, the Institute of Electronic Information Technology and the Laboratory for Automatic Control on GE Intelligent Platform. And it covers the following 6 majors: Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Communication Engineering, Information Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, and Measuring and Control Technology and Instrumentations. Among which the major of Electronic Science and Technology is one of the key majors specially supported by the Guangdong provincial government. Relying on the superior faculty resources and branding majors of BIT, the school keeps improving its teaching in line with the meticulous scholarship tradition of BIT. With years of teaching experience, the school has gradually formed its features as of “hi-quality, focusing on practice and innovation”.
Strong Faculty Team
The school owes a strong faculty team full of teaching experience and working enthusiasm with hi-level teaching and R&D skills. At present there are 87 (either full-time or part-time) teachers and administrative staff. Among whom the teachers with master degree or above account for 73%. Those with doctor degree account for 25%. The number of professors and associate professors accounts for 44%. Professional leaders in each major are all experts or scholars with domestic or international influence. The school has built its own reputation in such areas as class-room teaching and practical teaching. So far the school has achieved significant achievement in teaching and R&D, undertaken and completed a number of national, provincial and ministerial level projects.
Perfect Facilities
The experimental training center of the school occupies areas of more than 5,500 square meters. The total assets of equipments cost more than RMB 18,000,000. The electrical and electronic training center is a province-level (applying for the national-level) model for demonstration supported by the Provincial government. The center is composed of 6 specific labs, which are used in the experiment classes and course design for 14 majors of the whole university in a total of exceeding 3,000 class hours every year. The electrical and electronic training center, namely the Zhuhai Branch of the National Center for Electrical and Electronic Experiments and Teaching, follows the engineering training procedure from the fundamental experiments to design, production and adjustment of the final products. Additionally there are 3 scientific research training platforms, among which the machine vision engineering center is the public service platform of technology innovation in Zhuhai National High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The technology of the automation laboratory on GE intelligent platform is at the international advanced level. These first-class experimental facilities have offered a solid basis for students to cultivate innovation ability in combination with theory and practice.
Integration of Education, Research & Production
The school focuses on the integrated model of “education, research and production” for cultivating students. It has built “integrated/practical training” bases in cooperation with nearly 70 well-known enterprises, i.e. Zhuhai branch of China Mobile, Zhuhai Gree Electric Co. Ltd., Shenzhen BYD Co. Ltd., ChangYuan Group Ltd., Homa Appliance Co., Ltd and Zhuhai Raysharp Technology Co., Ltd. By doing so, the space for teaching students has been successfully extended from classrooms to the frontline of enterprises and factories, which has greatly enhanced the students' practical working ability and achieved a seamless connection between the school and the enterprises. In 2012 the school cooperated with Zhuhai Raysharp Technology Co., Ltd., to successfully establish the Guangdong provincial university students practical teaching base, which is now further to be applied for the national university students practical teaching base. In 2013, the school and Shenzhen Byd Co. Ltd. jointly applied for the construction of Guangdong provincial university students engineering education center.
Unification of Knowledge and Practices
To promote the innovation ability and the employment competitiveness of its students, the school encourages them to participate in scientific activities such as the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, Robot Games etc. Yiheng team, electronics design team and Keyuan team are the prime examples of such students technology teams. In recent years, our students have won first, second and third prizes for 4 items in the U.S. Undergraduate Mathematical Modeling Contest; first prize for 2 items, second prize for 11 items and third prize for 14 items in China national competitions; first prize for 2 items, second prize for 7 items and third prize for 17 items in provincial competitions. The number of students seeking for graduation study always takes a lead in the whole university. Many of them have been successfully admitted to world-famous universities such as those first-tier domestic universities and many other esteemed foreign universities, i.e. Sydney University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Macao University of Science and Technology. Due to our precision in setting our training goals, our graduates are widely accepted by employers. Over the years, our employment rate is higher than that of the average level of our counterparts.