School of Computer Science and Technology
Relying on Beijing Institute of Technology (“BIT”) and subject to its teaching concept and tradition of "virtue, objectiveness, ideality and preci

  Relying on Beijing Institute of Technology (“BIT”) and subject to its teaching concept and tradition of "virtue, objectiveness, ideality and preciseness”, the School of Computer Science and Technology cultivates high-quality versatile and application-oriented IT talents with correct core values, computer and software engineering skills in line with the economic development and social needs.

The working value of the school is to set up the full-dimension education idea, to care much about the all-around development of students, and to make students pay attention to the basic theory of computer and the quality of software engineering. The school focuses on improving the abilities of the computational thinking of the students, which enable them to master the professional skills on application architectures (or architecture platform) of the mainstream computer, and obtain the related occupation guidance and training.
The school has four majors including computer science and technology, software engineering, network engineering, and digital media technology. There are over 60 excellent teachers from various esteemed universities in China. Among them there are 6 professors, 10 associate professors and 5 PHDs. Following the working guideline of "teacher-oriented, teaching-centered", the school has established the teaching development center, and based on this center, it focuses on the development of the teachers and the construction of teacher teams, which makes a stable sustainable development of the school.
The school has 13 laboratories. Among them the "Cisco network laboratory", "virtual reality and interactive games room", "software engineering lab", and "embedded system laboratory" , have reached the domestic advanced level. All of them have provided an excellent experimental teaching environment for cultivating application-oriented talents. The school further cooperates with nearly 60 domestic and foreign IT enterprises such as Jinshan software, Neusoft Road, Singapore i-Sprint, which has provided high-level internal and external internship bases and built platforms for students to practice.
The school engages esteemed executives from well-known enterprises to be external "mentors" of the students and internally adopts a training mode of “whole-course tutorship”, which enables the students to have constant guidance from advisers in their study with care of their intelligence growth. Moreover, to strengthen the students' practical ability, the school carries out a variety of professional project activities. Over the years, the school has achieved a lot in teaching and scientific research, including 3 Guangdong provincial teaching reform projects, 15 university-level reform projects, 7 education-research-production cooperation projects.
At present the school has all kinds of associations, scientific and technological innovation activities, academic activities and contests, professional certifications and professional skills competitions. Our students have won awards in various contests, such as "Bo Chuang Cup" National University Student Embedded Design Competition, and "China Software Cup" National University Student Contest etc. Furthermore, the school provides certification and training for various professional qualifications such as Oracle database, Cisco network, JAVA and Microsoft engineers.
The school currently has nearly 2500 undergraduate students. According to a survey held by Mycos, a third-party evaluation authority, our graduates have taken a lead in many core indicators such as the employment rate, employment competitiveness and salary standard, and they are widely accepted by the society.