School of Materials and Environment
Advanced Teaching ModelFor the purpose of cultivating versatile, practical and technical talents, the School of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science atte

 Advanced Teaching Model

For the purpose of cultivating versatile, practical and technical talents, the School of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science attempts to apply the five-integrated teaching modes of “theory, skills, innovation, practice and employment”, to promote  the effective integration of industry, education and research, to strengthen the cooperation of the school and enterprises. Meanwhile, the school focuses on training the ability of independent thinking and practicing of the students. By fostering their comprehensive applicability and adaptability, the school enables the students to develop in an all-round way. Currently the school has seven majors including Safety Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Environmental Engineering, Bioengineering, Applied Chemistry, Food Science and Engineering.
Strong Faculty Team
The school currently has over 60 full-time professional teachers, including 10 professors, 6 doctoral supervisors, 18 PhDs, among which there are 26 associate professors and professors. At the same time it has more than 20 part-time professors, associate professors and senior engineers from Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). The school sends students to BIT for graduation design (paper) work annually who are supervised by the professors at BIT.
Perfect Hardware Facilities
The school owns professional teaching, experiments and research and development base with a construction area of 19000 square meters, among which there are over 30 laboratories (comprising 20 professional laboratories) with an area of more than 130 square meters. The school has perfect experimental instruments and equipment, including gel permeation chromatograph (GPC), atomic emission/absorption spectrometer, infrared spectrometer, differential thermal and thermogravimetry tester (DSC-TGA), liquid phase chromatograph and temperament (GC - MS), and other large advanced equipment. Meanwhile, there are 10 laboratories, including Zhuhai printing ink coating public laboratory, Zhuhai environmental technology and test center and BITZH-Letong Chemical joint research and development center, and university-enterprise cooperation development laboratories.
Promising Career Future
The employment rate of our undergraduates is above 96%, among which 30% are employed by domestic or international well-known enterprises, such as Shell, Hong Kong YE's chemical group, Founder group, Federal pharmaceutical, Letong chemical and pharmaceutical group, Guangdong BY-HEALTH company, Yili group. Quite a few of our students were admitted to the graduate schools of BIT, South China University of Technology, Lanzhou University, Shenzhen University, Hong Kong Baptist University etc.