School of Industrial Automation
Advanced Teaching ConceptThe school of mechanics and vehicles was established in 2006 with 3,036 undergraduates. The school makes the best of the regional adva

 Advanced Teaching Concept

The school of mechanics and vehicles was established in 2006 with 3,036 undergraduates. The school makes the best of the regional advantage of the Pearl River Delta and the educational resource of Beijing Institute of Technology (“BIT”) to cultivate creative, competitive, versatile and application-oriented talents in line with the reform planning of the Pearl River Delta region and China domestic human resource demand with the aim of high graduation rate and employment rate. The teaching concept of the school is that “zero distance between school and enterprise, zero clearance between theory and practice and zero transition between teaching and employment”.
Superior Branding Majors
Relying on the superior branding majors of BIT, the school makes further progress in its teaching and opens 5 undergraduate majors inclusive of mechanical engineering, mechanical and electronic engineering, energy and power engineering, vehicle engineering and traffic engineering in line with the industrial structure adjustment and the human resource needs of China.
Strong Faculty Team
The school has a strong faculty team, introducing the national teaching master Prof. Jiao Yong-he to be the dean, engaging esteemed expertise and professors of BIT, Zhejiang University, and South China University and so on to be the professional leaders. Currently there are 68 full-time professional teachers in the school, all of whom have titles of associate professor or above or degrees of master or above. Among whom, there are 1 national teaching master, 7 professors, 16 associate professors and 9 doctors. Each year the school will select and send teachers to universities at home or abroad to learn and receive training, as well as to well-known enterprises to conduct research and practice. And every year there are school teachers winning various educational teaching awards and making a number of achievements in scientific research and patent technology, which has greatly improved the teaching quality and scientific research level.
Perfect Experimental Facilities
The school owns a machinery building with an area of more than 20 thousand square meters to be the professional teaching and R&D base, which contains 22 laboratories with modern teaching facilities for mechanical basis, advanced manufacturing technology, electromechanical integration, environmental control engineering, vehicle engineering, traffic engineering etc, among which 2 laboratories were jointly established by the school and other enterprises. The driver school and driving practicing base are put into use. The engineering training center in construction with an area of more than ten thousand square meters and with an investment in equipment above RMB ten million yuan will be put into use in September of this year. These advanced hardware facilities provide conditions to cultivate versatile and application-oriented talents, and the platform for the young teachers to conduct scientific research.
Abundant Development Achievement
Since its foundation seven year ago, the school has always adhered to offer hi-quality and characteristic education, and strived to practice the stated educational philosophy, thus achieving fruitful results. Mechanical engineering was ranked with the characteristic major of the school. Vehicle engineering was selected to be the key major to be nurtured, "engineering drawing", "machine design fundamentals" were rated as excellent courses in the university. Enterprises have offered scholarships and grants in the school such as “Orager” and “Zhibo” etc. The school has cooperated with more than 60 well-know enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region to establish internship bases and production and research bases. The students of the school consecutively won the third price and second price in the fifth and sixth National University Science and Technology Competition, first price, second price and third price for 6 items in the National Three-dimensional Digital Innovation Design Contest in 2010, 2011 and 2012, second price and third price of the fifth National University Mechanical Innovation Design Competition, first price for 3 items and second price for 1 item in the Chinese Education Robot Contest in 2012, champion of the National Model Airplane Open Champion in 2012, second price in the Seventh National University Free scale Cup Intelligent Car Racing (Southern China Region); first price for 1 item and third price for 4 items in the sixth Guangdong Province Mechanical Innovation Design Competition in 2013. The activity of  "Environmental Protection Day Competition" held by the Party Youth League of our school were highly appraised by the Zhuhai municipal Party Youth League as well as the Guangdong provincial Party Youth League.
Promising Career Future
According to the survey report made by the professional organization, Mycos Data Co., Ltd. regarding the social demand and quality of our 2007 undergraduates, we take a lead in various indices such as “employment competitiveness”, “unemployment rate after one-year graduation”, “monthly income after one-year graduation”, “preference to recommend alma mater”, “coincidence degree of occupation”, “departure rate of employment within half-year after graduation” etc.
The employment rate of our school undergraduates in the past three years is above 97%. The admission rate of our students to graduate schools increases every year, some of our students were admitted to well-recognized domestic universities such as BIT, Zhongshan University etc. Several of them were even recommended to receive further education at famous universities abroad such as Macau University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Kun Shan University of Technology of Taiwan etc. More than 80% of our students get their jobs in the Pearl River Delta region including those well-known enterprises like Bosch, Guangzhou Railway Group, China Mobile, PICC etc.