School of Aviation
The School of Aviation is jointly established by Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai (“BITZH”) and China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co.

 The School of Aviation is jointly established by Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai (“BITZH”) and China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Limited in July 2009. Relying on the discipline ascendancy of BIT and the industry dominance of the national civil aviation, the school aims to cultivate versatile, application-oriented aviation professionals in the aviation industry and the related fields.

The school has an Aircraft Design major composed by three undergraduate specialties including the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Airline Electronic Engineering, and Air Service Engineering (the applications for two other specialties of the flight technology and civil aviation transportation are ongoing this year). The specialty of aerospace and mechanical engineering aims to train students’ ability of the civil aircraft (helicopter) and engine repair technology and management ability. The specialty of airline electronic engineering aims to train students’ ability of the data display, communication and navigation, flight control and avionics repair technology and management of the civil aircrafts (helicopter). The specialty of air service engineering aims to train students’ ability of domestic and international civil aviation technical services, marketing, logistics, trade services and aviation industry management. The Aircraft Design Major aims to cultivate application-oriented talent of repair and maintenance, project management and marketing services in aircraft manufacturing companies, aircraft engine maintenance companies, various airlines, airports and other aviation industry and related fields. The school runs a long-term cooperation with Zhuhai General Aviation Flight School in joint training of pilots. The first group of qualified graduates has all been employed by Zhuhai China Aviation Industry General Aviation Co., Ltd. The recruitment of the second group of pilot students is in progress. The scale of such pilot training in the future is planned to be expanded to 300 students each year.
At present, the school totally has 28 teachers (inclusive of full-time and part-time), among whom there are 3 full-time professors and 9 associate professors. Mr. Li Xiao-xing, professor and doctor supervisor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics was engaged to be our professional leader; distinguished experts from BIT, other civil aviation colleges and aerospace industry were engaged to be our adjunct professors, and Leaders Civil Aviation Administration of China were engaged to be our visiting professor too. By all these means, a strong faulty team was formed with the features of "good quality, optimized structure, proper number, maximized flexibility".
The school has established a relatively complete set of basic practical teaching system. Currently we have the sub-center of the “National Training Center”, the sub- center of the “Electrical and Electronic National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center“, and over 10 professional basic laboratories on mechanical and electrical integration, communications technology, and ERP sand table simulation. The school has established a comprehensive simulation training systematic laboratory for civil aviation transportation, aeronautical communication, navigation equipment laboratory, comprehensive laboratory of aviation instrument, aviation machinery repair training room, and other aviation technology exhibition room, laboratory and training room.
The school puts great emphasis on cooperative education with domestic and foreign aviation colleagues and enterprises. At present, it has established practical teaching bases and education, research and production integration bases with Zhuhai Aviation General Aviation Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Civil Aviation College, Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd., GA Southern China Aircraft Co., Ltd., Southern airlines, Shenzhen Airline, Joy Air, YanZhou Aircraft, Zhuhai BAC, Zhuhai Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition Co. Ltd., MTU Maintenance, and Zhuhai Airport. It further cooperates with Zhuhai No. 1 High School, Zhuhai Golden Coast High School, Shenzhen Xixiang High school, Shenzhen Shiyan High school, and Guangzhou No. 17 High School to set up a candidate student base for training of aviation professionals. By all these means the school has built a solid foundation to ensure the quality of the candidate students and their training, and facilitate the internship and employment of our graduates.
Zhuhai Society of Aeronautics owns more than 30 members, which are aviation colleges, scientific research institutes and enterprises. The administration office of the society is located in our school, which has provided our students with a perfect platform to engage in innovation activities as well as seek for internship or employment opportunities. Talent in aviation market is in short supply. The employment rate of graduates in aviation area has always been above 80%. Jobs in this area would enjoy a series of advantages i.e. good working environment, high salary and high promotion potential.