School of Applied Science and Civil Engineering
The School of Mathematics and Physics is to cultivate high-quality statistics application-oriented talents and Non Destructive Testing Engineers with solid ma

  The School of Mathematics and Physics is to cultivate high-quality statistics application-oriented talents and Non Destructive Testing Engineers with solid mathematical knowledge, broad vision and active thinking. It adopts the advanced teaching concept of "student-centered, full-dimension education, learning for practicing" with focus on training versatile and application-oriented talents by adhering to the guidance of “intelligence, professionalism, versatility". In line with the social development and progress of the times, it takes the education mode emphasizing both theory and practice.

Strong Faculty Team
The school currently has 50 staff, including 8 professors and 8 associate professors (senior engineers). Young teachers all have master degrees. Among them there are professors and graduate advisors from other famous domestic universities, industry experts receiving special allowance from the State Council as well as researchers graduated aboard and returned to China. Combining its teaching target and talent training features, the school further engages doctor candidate advisers from the Beijing Institute of Technology (“BIT”) to be its academic leaders, and professors with abundant working experience in other universities, enterprises or social organizations to be its professional teachers with specific responsibility.
Advanced Experiment Facilities
The experiment center of the school has the physics laboratory, the laboratory for statistics and the nondestructive testing laboratory. The physics laboratory is in good condition for teaching experiments of mechanics, calorific, optics, electromagnetism, and modern physics. The laboratory of statistics has not only an advanced computer lab, but also powerful servers; The non-destructive testing laboratory is well equipped to meet various requirements of technologies such as the ultrasonic testing, penetrant testing, magnetic detection ray detection for teaching experiments.
Abundant Innovation Activities
The school encourages students to learn for practice and has set up the practice center for the purpose of increasing students' innovation consciousness and practicing ability. It further established a question-driven working mode to promote the whole process of the scientific research by means of various activities with the platforms of academic contests, university student innovation venture projects, teachers’ research subjects, interest groups, scientific societies etc.
In recent years, the school has organized 108 students to participate in the National Undergraduates Mathematics Contest of Modeling and the U.S. Mathematics Contest in Modeling for Undergraduates, winning the international second prize for 1 item, the international third prize for 1 item, the national second prizes for 2 items, and the Guangdong provincial first, second and third prizes for 13 items.
There are several academic interest groups in the school relating to software, electronic technology, mathematical modeling and so on. Four projects of which our students in charge were granted with funding from the Guangdong provincial government, and some others were selected to be the university-level innovation and venture projects.
Full- dimension Education Mode
The school adopts the undergraduate tutorial system. Each new student will have a tutor since his/her entrance, and this tutor being a close friend and helpful teacher will provide guidance to the student for his/her study and growth in all aspects, which we believe may facilitate the full-dimension development of the student and have a better preparation for living in the society.
For the concern of the students’ benefit, the school promotes the management mode of student autonomy by means of student unions, class committees, student societies so as to achieve the self-management, self-education, self-service function of the students. It further encourages the students to actively participate in their self management and improve their organization, coordination and management capacity besides professional knowledge with the aim of becoming all-round development people.