School of Business
In the process of improving its teaching management, for the purpose of meeting the social needs in line with the economic development, the business school gra

 In the process of improving its teaching management, for the purpose of meeting the social needs in line with the economic development, the business school gradually determines its teaching concepts as to cultivate “professional elites with sound education background, practical sense as well as working skills”, thus forms its unique training model for cultivating professional, versatile and application-oriented management talents. The goal of the school in the long run is to foster management experts and financial talents.

Majors to Meet the Market Demand
At present the school has 5 undergraduate majors, which include Information Management and Information System, International Economics and Trade, Public Administration, Marketing and Project Management. Due to the specific requirements of each different profession, the school further offers various research directions such as the international human resource management, international finance, cultural industry management, logistics management etc. so as to satisfy each student’s individual needs as well as the social needs.
Diversified Faculty Team
The school currently has 70 full-time teachers, including 7 professors, 16 associate professors (senior engineers). 10 of them are with doctor degrees, 47 with master degrees, which forms a team of faculty with a sound structure of professional qualification, age, knowledge level as well as major distribution.
Perfect Practical Teaching System 
To improve its students’ knowledge structure, capacity structure as well as quality structure, the school has initially formed a four-dimension integrated practical teaching system, which includes classroom training, extracurricular practice, and on-campus and off-campus internship. For on-campus internship, a number of experimental courses involving accounting by electronic data processing, simulation of accounting by hand, simulation on managerial computers, ERP sand table simulation, foreign trade documentation and practice, and marketing etc. have been opened. Mock companies and real supermarkets are established in the campus too. With regard to the off-campus internship, the school has cooperated with more than 50 well-known enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region in setting up different practice bases with the aim to satisfy the internship practice and graduation training needs of the students with different majors.
Active Students’ Innovation Groups
In line with the “qualified project” requirements of the Ministry of Education, the school pays attention to the inspiration of the students' creative thinking too when cultivating the students’ practical ability. The school encourages students to set up their own academic innovation organizations by reference to their different majors. So far there are the enterprise information association, the marketing association, the international economy and trade association, the association for management on public utilities, the fiancé association, the project management association, the Beichen literature association. Each semester those student organizations will hold activities such as the sand table enterprise simulation contest, marketing design contest, corporate image design contest, accounting knowledge contest, business English contest, which has created a good academic atmosphere on the campus. Among them the enterprise sand table simulation contest and the marketing design contest are the most popular ones and attract the largest number of participants in the whole university.
Initial Achievement
Thanks to the teaching concept of “preciseness and perfection” and “focus on practice” training mode, the practical working ability of our students are kept improving. In completion with the students from other domestic famous universities, our students have made remarkable achievement. We had won the champion in the Guangdong ERP sand table simulation contest in 2010 and 2011, the second prize in the national ERP sand table simulation contest, second prize in the national university student energy-saving emission reduction competition in 2009, and third prize in the national marketing design competition in 2009.
Since 2008 when our first group of students graduated, the employment rate of our graduates reached over 92% for three consecutive years. Whether in the Gree Group, China Telecom, China Southern Airlines, or other well-know domestic or international enterprises, or in government agencies (even the grass-roots village official positions) there are our outstanding graduates working there. We regard it as our pride, and also a proof of our talent-cultivation mode. Moreover, the school has managed to set up channels to recommend graduates to be admitted to esteemed domestic and foreign universities, which provides our distinguished students with a platform facilitating their further education.