School of Accounting and Finance
The School of Accounting and Finance of Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai (“BITZH”) is one of the key colleges of the university. The school

 The School of Accounting and Finance of Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai (“BITZH”) is one of the key colleges of the university. The school concentrates on its mature teaching in Accounting major and Financial Management major. In the meantime, it strengthens its teaching in financial courses with the attempt to be a cradle of cultivating hi-level, application-oriented, versatile accountants and financial professionals. The school’s teaching goal is to train talents with correct core value, sound mind and a global vision who will have bright career prospects. At present, the school has nearly 2500 students and is composed of an Accounting department, Financial Management department, Banking department, practice teaching office, bilingual teaching office, research and development center, center for innovation and entrepreneurship of undergraduates, financial education and training center.

Faculty Team
The school currently has more than 40 teachers. 16 of them are professors or associate professors; over 10 are qualified CPA or senior accountants; 8 have overseas education experience; 6 have doctor degrees. Teachers with master degrees or above account for over 80% of all our teachers, which initially forms a team of faculty with a sound structure in terms of professional qualification, age, and disciplines.
International Education
The school adopts a diversified training model of "official accredited degree + occupation certificate + language application ability", "quality + knowledge + ability" with the attempt to cultivate application-oriented, versatile hi-level talents with sound basis of professional knowledge and English, familiar with domestic and international accounting and financial management operation mechanism, and full of the spirit of innovation and international background. The school constantly explores on the reform of professional English education, on the basis of the characteristic professional English courses open to all students, it further launches an elite education program applying to some students majored in accounting, financial management or banking, which is featured by bilingual teaching, school-enterprise combination, international exchange students and comprehensive quality development plans.
Practical Teaching
The school adheres to a comprehensive education concept by implementing the "three of two", "bird-nest pioneering" and " four-classroom training” plans to improve the comprehensive quality of students. The school is focus on the training of students' practicing ability by increasing the proportion of practical teaching, innovating the teaching methods, following the frontier of academic research and creating a prospective practical teaching system. In laboratories, internship works and open courses, the classroom practical teaching, professional practical teaching and pre-graduation practical teaching are combined to form a new model of practical teaching, and the effect is to be revealed through professional education, occupation qualification education, skills and comprehensive quality education.
New Thoughts on Student Management – Self-Growth Guidance
The school puts an emphasis on the self-growth guidance of its students. In its education and management, the students are encouraged to achieve greater self-awareness with the guidance of the faculty. Through various activities with clear target incentives, the students are gradually able to develop their own rational thinking ability, judgment, good behavior, interpersonal skills and etiquette consciousness, which eventually lead them to be highly competent “human being".