School of Civil and Commercial Law
The School of Liberal Arts & Law is to cultivate versatile, innovative and application-oriented legal practitioners and specialists in foreign-related economi

  The School of Liberal Arts & Law is to cultivate versatile, innovative and application-oriented legal practitioners and specialists in foreign-related economic and cultural communication with an international vision under the new environment of globalization. At present, the school has two majors: Law and Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, with a total number of enrolled students 1326. “Having a thorough knowledge of both western and traditional Chinese culture, ruling the world by laws” is the core spirit of the school, “thinking and learning, studying and arguing” is the manifestation of the spirit of the school. The school has cooperated with a number of government authorities, well-known enterprises to establish teaching and practicing bases, and the students from the major of Chinese international education is the main source of volunteers to be sent by the Beijing Institute of Technology (“BIT”) to work in the Confucius institutes abroad.

Development Philosophy
A center – all the work of the school focus on improving the employment competitiveness of our students.
Two starting points - The market demand and the students' needs are the basic starting points to set training goals and curriculum of our students.
Three “development” - developing our faculty team, our library data, practice courses and practice bases.
Features of the School
Teachers with practicing experience - to build a hi-level team of teachers with sound academic background and practicing experience, we engaged a group of senior lawyers and judges with over ten years of practicing experience or teachers having working experience being volunteers at Confucius institutes or international Chinese education experience to be our frontline teachers. Among our teachers, 95.45% are with master degree or above, 80% are with practicing experience. In addition, we invite domestic or foreign senior practitioners to give lectures to our students from time to time.
Practice courses taking priority– to condense the curriculum of our students by strengthening the core courses and bilingual courses, our school cooperates with sister schools in opening more courses for students to select, and encourages students to participate in a series professional qualification examinations such as the national bar exam, the exams for teachers’ qualification certificates, the exams for the accountant certificates, and the volunteer selection test for the Confucius Institutes sponsored by the State Chinese Office. Students are further required to be fluent in one foreign language.
Cultivating the practical ability of students – to improve the basic writing ability, written expression ability and professional application ability of our students, our school establishes and consolidates a number of fixed practice bases, encouraging our students to take their holidays and spare time in schools, courts, law firms, enterprises or other entities for internship.
Employment Prospects
The employment of our graduates is satisfactory. The employment rates in past two years were over 97%, particularly the employment rate of our law graduates is higher than that of the average of other law schools in Guangdong province. The average admission rates of our graduates to take various civil servant exams increase every year. From 2011 to 2013, 20 graduates majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages passed the National Examination for Selection of Volunteers Chinese teachers at Confucius Institutes. They have went to Confucius institute in Lagos or Confucius institute at Saskachewan University in Canada. The average rate of our students to pass the graduate admission examinations is 25%. The universities admitting our students include those esteemed ones such as the Hong Kong Polytech University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Macao University of Science and Technology, South China University of Technology, Jinan University, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and so on. Additionally, the school recommends outstanding undergraduate students to receive further education at famous universities in Hong Kong and Macao free of admission examinations every year.
Teaching Achievements
Adhering to the idea of the combination of theory and practice, the school focuses on training students' professional practice skills subject to the requirements of their majors. The teaching of the international Chinese education concentrates on cultivating students' language culture and skills, while the legal teaching concentrates on creating legal argument environment facilitating students to develop practical skills. With four-year learning and practicing, the students may achieve both knowledge and skills. In the past years, our students have won quite a lot of awards in various contests, including the first, second and third prizes of the National University Student English Contest in 2012, the first, second and third prizes of the 4th National University Student Language Knowledge Competition, the second and third prizes of the Guangdong Official Document Writing Contest, the third prize of the first Guangdong University Student Moot Court Competition, and the “excellent team” award in the Guangdong University Student Legal Debate Contest.