School of Foreign Languages
The school of foreign languages was founded in 2004 and develops alongside the university. In line with the economic and social development of China, particula

 The school of foreign languages was founded in 2004 and develops alongside the university. In line with the economic and social development of China, particularly the actual demand of the economic development in the Pearl River Delta, the school set up two majors: English and Japanese. Under the English major, there are "Business English", "English Translation", "General English", "English on Foreign Affairs and for Tourism" specialties; while under the Japanese major, there is a “Business Japanese” specialty. At present, the total number of the enrolled students is 2134 besides1771 graduates.

 Adhering to “virtue, objectiveness, ideality and preciseness”, the motto of Beijing Institute of Technology (“BIT”), the school aims to cultivate innovative, versatile, application-oriented talents who can meet the demand of social and economic development and have a solid ground of foreign language skills.
The school has a team of teachers with high quality, reasonable structure, strong abilities and brand-new teaching concepts.  All of them have master degrees or above, or intermediate professional titles or above, among whom 15.2% are professors, 27.3% are associate professors. The school further hired Prof. Xu Yuan-chong, Prof. Huang You-yi, Professor Wang Ke-fei and a number of other esteemed experts to be the visiting professors.
Teachers of the school have totally published more than 100 academic papers, and edited more than 30 textbooks, monographs or translations. Currently the school is a member of the Society for Research on Educational Linguistics of China and recognized as one of the China Translation Professional Qualification Examination Training Institutions. The magazine “Foreign Language Communication of Independent School” launched by the school is the only publication in foreign language among all the independent schools of the country, which enjoys a good reputation in the foreign language communication of independent schools nationwide.
Equipped with advanced modern audio facilities, the school has several language laboratories, English internet classrooms and simultaneous interpretation laboratories. It further owns a reading room for foreign language books with complete teaching facilities.
The school invites esteemed professors from outside to give lectures on campus so as to build a platform for our teachers and students to have external exchange and broaden their visions. Moreover, the school carries out all kinds of  “second classroom for foreign languages” activities, such as dubbing contest, translation contest, "European and American Styles Exhibition",” Folk Tradition Exhibition”,” Japanese Culture Festival”,” English Corner” etc.  Since the foundation of our school, our students have kept developing their "morning reading" habit, which has made it a unique tradition of our school. The school actively arranged our students to participate in various national and provincial contests, and has made great achievements, such as the champion and first prize of the National English Contest for University Students in 2012, the second prize of the “Wai Yan She” Cup National English Speech Contest (Guangdong Region), “Rong Ding” Award the 8th National Youth Advanced Japanese Oral Translation Contest. The school regularly organizes the students to participate in the summer internships to the U.S., training in Japan, international exposition, Canton Fairs and other social practice activities. It has cooperated with more than 50 enterprises and entities in the Pearl River Delta region to establish teaching practice bases.1-13102515395G33.jpg
Quite a few of our graduates were admitted to Peking University, China Foreign Affairs University, Hong Kong University of Chinese, Macao University of Science and Technology, Imperial College London, University of Warwick and other well-known domestic and international universities. The employment rate of graduates is 98%. Under the guidance of the "Yan An Spirit" of BIT, our graduates are famous for their toughness, hard work, sureness, gumption and are welcome by the society.