School of Design & Art
A Brief Introduction to the School The professional team of the school is composed of famous artists and designers nowadays in China, overseas graduates from

  A Brief Introduction to the School 

The professional team of the school is composed of famous artists and designers nowadays in China, overseas graduates from esteemed universities of France, Germany and Korea etc., graduates from well-know domestic universities, as well as technical experts from various enterprises. Such a team has constituted the backbone of our professional teaching. (The number of our faculty is 58, part-time teachers 13; among whom there are 8 professors or associate professors and 33 lecturers.). Currently there are 1,636 enrolled students and 4 sessions of graduates who have been active in the design industry centered in Guangdong Pearl River Delta region.
The total area of our teaching building with novel style reaches 20,000 square meters. It includes many functional areas such as special painting rooms and working studios for each professional student, 12 kinds of professional technology laboratories; exhibition halls for excellent works of teachers and students, the hall for academic lectures; the professional information center (reading room, TV, movie, culture salon), working rooms for specified experts, studios for professional teachers; industrial design center of the school, the fashion show square etc. All of which may fully satisfy the needs of 2,000 students for their professional studying and design working.
The school currently has 5 majors, including the environmental design, product design, visual communication design, fashion design and engineering, art and crafts so as to satisfy the needs of student for their specific interests in different majors and specialties as well as career selection..
The school has cooperation with nearly 30 enterprises with famous brands and professional design companies, and the school has developed a joint production, education and research relation with 10 of them. All of which may facilitate the professional internship, professional skill training, design practice and employment demand orientation of our students.
Since its foundation eight years ago, the rigorous and active teaching atmosphere of the school has made every session of our students feel the pleasure of study and the joy of creation. By encouraging our students to participate in various professional design contests for university students in China, the awards earned by our students become more and more outstanding, from the very beginning the participation prize till the champion eventually, which have greatly inspired our students’ self confidence.
The employment rates of four sessions of our graduates reached 97% on average, which witnessed the effectiveness of our talent training of the school. Some of such graduates entered into those well-known enterprises like BYD Auto, WSM fashion, Guangzhou Radiant cartoon team, Peking University Landscape Design and Research Institute etc. They work with colleagues graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and have a deep sense of joy and pride for the road of self-improvement they have created for themselves.
Innovative Mode for Cultivating Talents
On the basis of regulating and stabilizing teaching and management order as well as improving the teaching facilities, the school actively explores ideas, approaches and modes with regard to the education reform. Such exploration is led by the innovation of the education system and mechanism for the purpose of planning and constructing a “community of brands” and featured by a "learning - working" integration of the university experiences with the aim to create an "incubating, nurturing and enlightening" study environment. The school thus sprung up and grew a unique force among all the art schools.
The talent training objectives of the school are divided into three levels:
1) Popular Level – all kinds of skilled application-oriented talents in the design and production industry;
2) Diversified Level – all kinds of versatile application-oriented occupational talents in the chain of the creative cultural industry;
3) Elite Level – “design geniuses”, “entrepreneurial talents” at the core of the creative cultural industry.
The “production, education and research integration” mode for the talent training of the school, and the “working and learning integration” mode for the study of students enable the teachers and students to learn in solving practical problems, in actual design practice, in classroom as well as in the society with the aim to realize the advanced education target “learn for work, learn to work”.
Students work in the creative culture industry of the school or school-enterprise cooperative projects to facilitate their study. With such a working experience, their ability of thinking is improved, their professional cognition is deepened, their value of life is extended, and they get payment for their work achievement additionally, which has been supposed to be an effective way to realize the ultimate goal of the university education, i.e. "career life starts in campus".
Individualizing our teaching to each student subject to his/her own aptitude and abilities, diversified teaching plans and standards to evaluate each student’s scholastic work enable each student to learn what he/she want and develop his/her own strength.