Bryant Zhuhai Hold Grant Convocation for Its First Entering
(By University Newspaper) Bryant Zhuhai hold grand Convocation for first entering students on September 29th. Present at the ceremony are Jorge O. Elorza, Mayor

(By University Newspaper) Bryant Zhuhai hold grand Convocation for first entering students on September 29th. Present at the ceremony are Jorge O. Elorza, Mayor of Providence, where Bryant University is situated, Ronald K. Machtley, President of Bryant University, David Weinstein, Vice Chairman of the Board of Bryant University, Yang Hong, Vice President of Bryant University, Zhong Yijun, Director of Education Bureau of Zhuhai, Zhao Xuejun, Deputy Director of Zhuhai Foreign Affairs Bureau, and the officials from Zhuhai Campus, Beijing Institute of Technology (ZHBIT for short) such as Wang Taoguang, He Wen, Zhao Xianli and so on.


As the only approved Sino-US joint four-year undergraduates program in Guang Dong province by the Ministry of Education in the first half of 2015, ZHBIT cooperate with Bryant University to start the accounting major, which appeal to first entering of 155 students this year who, upon successful completion of four years of study, will earn a US bachelor of science and business administration degree from Bryant, together with a degree and college diploma from ZHBIT.

Convocation not only means the start of a new term, but also the beginning of new cooperation between two universities. 


Bryant University, founded in 1863, is one of the oldest business schools in the U.S. and is also one of the universities admitted by the Ministry of Education in China. The joint program- accounting major totally adopts the teaching plan from Bryant University.The faculty all come from Bryant University or are recruited globally. Lectures are given in English in a small class. After the students complete the four-year study, they may have the chance to pursue post-graduate education in Business School of Bryant University. 


David Lux, Academic Dean of Bryant Zhuhai says Convocation is the oldest tradition in western universities and colleges, symbolizing the coming of new members in the academic field and the beginning of a new semester. He calls on the professors to return school and encouraged them to continue academic exchanges; meanwhile, he welcomes freshmen and talks with them, discussing academic issues. Without doubt, the Convocation reaches significant milestone, since it brings Bryant University and ZHBIT together, and opens up an opportunity for the city of Zhuhai and Province to become sister cities. 


Dr. Wang Taoguang, Chairman of the board of ZHBIT recalls his studying experience in the U.S.25 years ago, from which he benefited a lot. At that time, he thought, “it will be so nice to open an Americanized university in China so that more Chinese students can have the access to something international. Now our dream come true.” Mr. Wang emphasizes, “Bryant Zhuhai will integrate American education mode into Chinese culture and China’s national conditions rather than simply copy Bryant University. So this is educational innovation.” He hopes Sino-US cultural communication could be the source of innovation for Bryant Zhuhai and the students can gain a thorough understanding of traditional Chinese virtues and American modern values. He expected students not to forget their own tradition or their ancestors because culture is the root, and university students themselves bear the responsibility of cultural inheritance.

Ideas Become Reality 


“The project starts with a common idea between officials of the two universities. But as the faculty members and students come, it becomes a real and vigorous organization dedicating to blending best education theory and practice in the east and west to provide best education for students.” says Ronald Machtley, President of Bryant University. He also mentions Jim Skeffington, the former board member of Bryant University, who believed great thoughts and education can alter people’s life. So James J Skeffington Scholarship will be set up to commemorate the passion and devotion of Mr. Skeffington which contributes to making Bryant Zhuhai a reality. The scholarship can enable a sophomore or junior student in Bryant Zhuhai to study at Bryant's Rhode Island campus for a whole year without paying any tuition.  


David Weinstein, board member of Bryant University also mentions that the board of directors are so glad to see a deliberate idea finally implemented. He says Bryant Zhuhai, the joint program, is like a seed, and now we reap abundant harvest. Blending their vigorous culture, Bryant University and ZHBIT have formed close partnership, the core of culture being cherishing the value of education and the success in business.


Vice President Yang Hong reads a letter from Zhang Qiyue, consul general for PRC at New York, who warmly congratulated on the joint program between Bryant University and ZHBIT. Zhang said the cooperation would further deepen understanding between Chinese and American people and make contribution to strengthening Sino-US relations, one of the most important bilateral relations in the world.



Jorge O. Elorza, Mayor of Providence and Zhong Yijun, Director of Education Bureau of Zhuhai also deliver a speech, expressing congratulation on the joint program and hoping Sino-US relation would be improved, understanding would be deepened, further interaction in politics, economy and culture would be enhanced.


TranslatorHe Sha School of Foreign Languages