Report from Exchange Student to Estonia
The following report is from He Jiawei, a sophomore of International Economy and Trade major, School of Business, who went to Tallinn University of Technology (TUT for short) to study as an exchange student.
Talinn is the capital city of Estonia. As the

 The following report is from He Jiawei, a sophomore of International Economy and Trade major, School of Business, who went to Tallinn University of Technology (TUT for short) to study as an exchange student.

Talinn is the capital city of Estonia. As the biggest city in the country, Tallinn is the cultural and economic center, and also an important port city. Occupying an area of 158.3 square kilometers, Tallinn boasts a number of universities, including Tallinn University and Tallinn University of Technology.
Next I would like to share with you my feelings as an exchange student in TUT.
My first day on campus August 26, 2015
Orientation Day
In order to help international students adjust to a new environment, familiarize students with the course-selecting system, show students how to get credits, and when credits shall be deduced, and inform them of regulations and rules, International Club (IC for short) and International Exchange Erasmus Student Network will hold three-day long Orientation day when PPT will be prepared to explain to students. Anyone with any problem can ask questions. The IC also provide students with a very practical “packet” in which there are Survival Guide, Student ABC (study guaid), a pair of gloves, reflection card, a phone card, a pencil with a seed, campus map, traffic routes and so on. If Student ABC is missing, students don’t need to be worried, for they can download it online.
The main gate of the campus
The above picture is the main gate of the campus. However, strictly speaking, it is a quite normal gate, with a sculpture standing aside. The name of the university is written on the wall in English and Estonian respectively.
Human-centered Design on Campus
Out of consideration for disabled people, there are many automatic doors on campus, as well as some special parking space.
Due to the cold weather in winter, heating system is installed in classrooms. Since there is wide difference between indoor and outdoor temperature, coat hangers are erected at the entrance of each teaching building so that when entering, students can take off their overcoats and hang them there. 
A Wall along the Corridor of the Main Teaching Building
A    long the corridors of TUT, the photos taken by students when traveling around the world are on exhibition on the wall, all together with some information about professors or directors who once worked here.
Orientation Day 2    August 27, 2015
On the second day, students from IC show international students around the campus. What is worth mentioning is the Mektory House, the Innovation and Business Center, where craft room and 3D printing room are situated. We are told if interested, we can go there to participate. At that time, the university is still on holiday, but some kids taking part in the summer camp are practicing crafts there. 
Building 11/1 and 11/2 are for international students to live in, with one standing opposite the other. The dormitory is not far away from teaching building, only a seven-minute walking distance. There are one living room and two bedrooms in the dorm, with heating system, mini TV, refrigerator, basic cooking equipment and so on. Cleaners will come once a week. 
Academic Hostel
The Scenery from the Teaching Building. On a lazy afternoon, students are found sitting on the grass, reading.
Orientation Day 3 August 28, 2015
One the third day, ESN introduce some activities which are to be held in this semester. For those who like to stay in Estonia, they can choose one-day City Tour, or go sightseeing in Tartu, the second largest town in Estonia. For those who prefer to travel abroad, they may choose the trip to Finland, St. Petersburg in Russia, Latvia or Lithuania.
Apart from these, there are many other extra-curriculum activities outside campus. For instance, city marathon, bicycle trip, mountain-climbing, weekend club, or Sunday languages exchange which is held on Sunday evening, aiming at helping foreigners polishing foreign languages and enhancing communication skills. So you can be quite busy if you pay attention to the advertisements or promotion activities around.
First Day of School  August 31, 2015
A few days after Orientation Day, I officially start school. Different from universities in China, here, there is no fixed schedule for students. That is to say, students can choose by themselves to attend as many classes as they like, and choose to attend whatever class they are interested in. Even for the compulsory courses, students can decide by themselves to attend in the first year or the second year. P.E. And foreign language belong to optional courses, which students can make a choice based on their own interest. In brief, whatever courses students choose, they just need to make sure they can get enough credits in accordance with school regulations.   
For the first two weeks, students may be allowed to attend a lecture without commitment to it. In other words, if students find the lecture is not to their taste, they don’t need to sign up for it. Before the deadline, they can make changes to their schedule.
The courses here are of two kinds, lecture and exercise. For the former, teachers give lessons, students listen and take notes. For the latter, the teacher may discuss with students, or students are divided into groups to discuss with each other, and do exercise together.
A Lecture on the Subject of Government and Security of the New Cyber Era Held in Oxford University  From September 4,2016 to September 6, 2015
The first weekend here is quite meaningful because I attend a lecture in Oxford. It lasts for three days. For the first two days, a lecture is given by a professor in the hall, with students listening. On the third day, students are divided into different groups, and a seminar takes place in the classroom. Students are asked to discuss the material they are given, centering on Government Security and Contradiction of the Cyber Era.
In addition to the seminar, a test is given to all participants to write down measures to deal with problems and analyze reasons.
Even though the discussion lasts from 10 a.m. To 5 p.m. participants are in high spirits. Both faculty members and students who are interested take part in the seminar.
The Symbol of Tallinn: The Old Town
The Old Town Square, situated in the heart of the city, and the City Hall, the best-kept Gothic-style building, situated in northern Europe were founded between 1402 and 1404. At the corner of City Hall, the oldest pharmacy-City Hall Pharmacy can be found still operating.
The New Replacing the Old: The Old Town August 30, 2015
One day before the beginning of the new term, my friends and I explore the Old Town, Old as it is, (founded between 13th Century and 16th Century), it is situated at the center of the bustling city. We climb the Hellemann Tower, which is as high as a three-floor house, and walk along the 200-meter long plank road. On one side are neighbors with colorful faces, houses with triangle roofs, half-open court, and magnificent church; on the other side are high buildings rising from the ground, crowded people, and heavy traffic. Here, with strong contradiction between the old and the new, I get a feeling hard to describe. 
We Pass by the iron- and copper-made streetlight, walk along the winding, pebble-paved lane, go through towers dotted around the town, and visit Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments where tools to torture criminals and women from 17 to 19th century in northeastern Europe are exhibited. The cruel tools make our hair stand on end. We cannot help feeling lucky to live in a peaceful era.  
Liberty Square September 6, 2015
Liberty Square is the landmark of the country, displaying national image and patriotism. In the west of the square, A big column with a cross attached is a monument to the Revolutionary War from 1918 to 1920.   
Night view of the Liberty Square