Study Experience of Harding University Dual Degree Program
I am a student from Business School, who applied for the “2+2” (Dual Degree)program with Harding University in August,2017. It has been a year sin

by Yuntao He

I am a student from Business School, who applied for the “2+2” (Dual Degree)program with Harding University in August,2017. It has been a year since I left Zhuhai, and I would like to share my experience of studying in HU.





There is a book store in HU that sell dresses with patterns of HU on it, most of them are joint production with some famous brands. It is a unique shop. Here, I can not only buy some text books but also get some necessary stationery.

Winter in Searcy, Arkansas is much colder than in Zhuhai, after all, there is some light snow. Though snowing is an exciting thing for the people from south China, the snow this year is too soft to build a snowman or have a snowball fight. As for me, I have to wear a down coat to defend against the cold. But for the foreigners, this can be neglect, they can even jump into the outdoor pool in the cold winter.





There are two main places for school meals. One is the school canteen, the other is the fast food restaurant in Student Center for Success. In the former one, you can enjoy all the food in it after swiping the card. But for the latter one, you should order the meal. The canteen is one of the American students’ favorite gathering place, they often gather a crowd (which can fill a table) then go there to eat and chat.





Dormitory is not only a place to rest, but also a place to make contact with nearby classmates or friends. Here, we can observe or experience how American students combine work with pleasure, and we can find happiness and friendship.



Every two weeks, the China office will take the Chinese students to Oriental Market in Little Rock to buy some snacks and drinks, so you don’t have to long for Chinese food too much. In today’s globalization, I think the things that are often available in China can also be bought in America like the instant coffee of Nestle. But the truth is that the Americans like to drink the coffee that is made of coffee beans. Moreover, I can only buy milk tea in Oriental Market for it is a dietary habit in Britain but not popular in America. Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and Spring Break is a good time to trip because during the holidays, the dormitory is unopened, you can choose to travel or to rest and relaxation.

During the three holidays in the United States, I found it very meaningful. I’m very fortunate to have a chance to stay in different American families and experience the authentic American culture and their family atmosphere. These experiences cannot be learnt from books but can only be realized by your own experience. Just as an old saying goes, “Read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles.” I’m very thankful for their kind invitation and hospitality.



The educationalsystem in American college is kind of difference, eachcourse has three to four regular exam and one final exam. This requests students to study hard at ordinary times. At the first class of each course, the professor will explain the schedule of this term and distribute his plan, which can help us to get to know the exam arrangement. Therefore, we can preview and review according to the plan.

The study in HU is actually a little tense, the library is always full every evening. There is a little café in the library providesexclusive service for students who are study to sleepy. The atmosphere here is so comfortable and suitable to study, and you can always find some familiar faces.



In HU, I’ve met a lot of great American friends. We always joking and have fun together. They’re always very drama and funny when we’re chatting. I really like this kind of feeling, it made me feel so real and brought me sense of humor, just like the conversations and scenes in American dramas. Personally, I think the friendship between me and HU students is valuable, they helped and supported me like my sisters and brothers.