The Inaugural Conference for Establishing an International Alliance of Design and Art Schools
Autumn in October 31th, 2017, the Inaugural Conference for Establishing and International Alliance of Design and Art Schools and the First Alliance Counci

     Autumn in October 31th, 2017, the Inaugural Conference for Establishing and International Alliance of Design and Art Schools and  the First Alliance Council Meeting has been grandly held at BITZH. Prof. Amir Mahmood, the Vice-Chancellor of University of Newcastle (Singapore); Robert Jensen, Director of Art and Visual Studies School, University of Kentucky; HuajingXiuMaske, Executive Director of China Office, University of Kentucky; Renee Convalucci, Adjunct Professor of Art and Design School, Lesley University; Andrea Tosi, Dean of International Partnership and Innovation, IstitutoEuropeo di Design; and WeigeTian, the President of Dunhuang College of Northwest Normal University participated the conference. Xuejun Zhao, Deputy Director of Bureau of Foreign Affairs, Zhuhai City; Taoguang Wang, Chairman of the Board, BITZH; President Xianli Zhao, Vice President Kevin Zhen, Provost Pei-Chann Chang, Dean of Design and Art School MingmingZong, and Director of International Office Xiaoyang He attended the meeting. 





     President Xianli Zhao mentioned in the Congratulations Speech: after the sharing and communicating in the conference, the alliance could set up the resource sharing platform among the partner schools, and establish a joint cultivation base for innovative talent, in order to enhance the academic exchange and international cooperation in the field of design and art, and to achieve an advantageous complement, mutual benefits and win-win situation among the alliance schools. And the establishment of International Alliance of Design and Art Schools would surely promote the discipline construction of the design and art among the alliance members, and promote the multi-level exchanges and cooperation among the members.





     The delegation guests gave keynote speech in the conference. Prof. Amir Mahmood gave a speech on “Internationalization of Higher Education in the ASEAN Region: The Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities”; Prof. Robert Jensen gave a speech on “Training Digital Artists and Designers for an Ever-changing World”; Prof. WeigeTian gave a speech on topic: Millennial Inspiration; Prof. Andrea Tosi gave a speech on “Fifty years of Never-ending Creativity”; Prof. MingmingZong gave a speech on “People & Service—Research on the Innovative Design of Welfare Culture and Industrial Service”; At the end, Provost Pei-Chann Chang, gave a speech on “A new era for Design & Art in the 21st Century”.





     International Alliance of Design and Art Schools is a non-profit voluntary joint university organization, aims to facilitate the communication and collaboration in Design and Art Schools, share the common vision and mission, share the advanced teaching methods and latest trends in art and design field, share the cultivation plan on art and design talents, establish the resource sharing platform, facilitate sustainable and mutual benefit cooperation, implement international education cooperation between each institution and improve the global influence of each institution. The alliance was established to facilitate higher education, promote international collaboration and exchange in the field of art and design, for sharing of common development vision, to nurture the trends of art and design, disperse the latest academic art developments and advanced professional teaching methods, cultivate art and design talents, generate smooth flow of school resources between alliance university members, strengthen resource sharing platform, boost all-round sustainable and mutually beneficial relations, build multi-faceted and multi-angled international education co-operation between alliance members, for continuous growth of team members, to enhance the international influence of each member of alliance.





     In the following few days, more academic and cooperation topics will be discussed.  (By Yuting You, International Office)