Information Session about The University of Newcastle, Australia Successfully Held
On the afternoon of 31th October, Professor Amir Mahmood, Vice-Chancellor of the Singapore campus of Newcastle University,Australia, visited BITZH. Supported by

On the afternoon of 31th October, Professor Amir Mahmood, Vice-Chancellor of the Singapore campus of Newcastle University,Australia, visited BITZH. Supported by the International Office, Information Session about University of Newcastle, Singapore was held at the Library Report Hall. More than 100 students attended the lecture.


     To start with, Professor Amir Mahmood introduced the basic situation of The University of Newcastle, Australia (UON). The University of Newcastle is located in the beautiful Australia. UON ranked 245th in 2017 QS World University Ranking. The academic research is in the world-class level, UON has 30,000 students and more than 13,500 students from 139 countries all over the world study here. It is a modern university with outstanding comprehensive strengths.


     Subsequently, Professor Amir Mahmood gave a detailed introduction to the students for the teaching facilities, campus environment and unique one-on-one teaching mode of the University of Newcastle and Singapore campus. Among the 2 + 2 projects that  the University of Newcastle cooperates with BITZH, students participating in the program need to complete their first two years of study at BITZH before completing their studies at the University of Newcastle to earn a bachelor's degree from UON. If you choose to study in the Australian campus, the school system is two years, while the Singapore campus is only 16 months, and compare to the study of two years in Australia, tuition fee will save 30%.Choose to study in Singapore campus not only to complete their studies faster, but also gain more employment opportunities, more access to the world's leading academic ideas, get more professional skills certification. At the same time, professors suggested that a higher diploma will help us to creat a bright future and encourage us to work hard to improve ourselves. Singapore Campus offers a wide range of options for students from BITZH. To complete their 2 + 2 years of study after completing their first two years of study, students can complete study in Singapore or Australia campus.


    Then, Professor Amir Mahmood played a video of the University of Newcastle for classmates, all of them were attentive to the video to learn about this vibrant university. In the Q&A session, students seized the opportunity and raised questions, professor patiently answered one by one.


    Finally, after the lecture were over, there are still students who wantded to have a little talk with professor, professor kindly solved the doubts of the students. (By Fnag Lu, International Office)


About University of Newcastle:

    The University of Newcastle ,Australia (the University of Newcastle), founded in 1965, is a comprehensive international university, the 2017 World University QS ranked 245. Newcastle University has 30,000 students, including 8,000 international students, from 100 countries, is ranked in the top ten Australian Comprehensive University, has 225 undergraduate major, more than 150 graduate students. As a famous university in Australia, the University of Newcastle (Australia) has made great contributions to the development of the community in the field of education, and she is also a pioneer in the internationally recognized learning method of "learning by problems". The school attaches great importance to the study and life of overseas students, and the International Student Office  invites international students to attend the symposium to listen to students ' opinions and suggestions regularly.At the same time, the school's students will organize various activities every two weeks. At the annual International Students Festival, you can enjoy the customs of all countries in the world.


   The University of Newcastle consists of 11 colleges, namely: business administration, architecture, law, engineering, education, nursing, music, economics and business design, arts and social sciences, medicine and health sciences. The University of Newcastle has a history of business administration for more than 21 years and students with an MBA degree will qualify as a member of the Australian Institute of Business Administration (CMAA). Meanwhile, her architecture, engineering, medicine and nursing have always been at the top level in Australia. Over the years, Newcastle University's research funds ranked in the top 10, but also internationally recognized excellent research center.