Notice on Application for Irish Dublin Institute of Technolo
I.Introduction of the Program1.Totally 3students will be selected to join this program (one from our school of computer science and technology, the other from

 I.Introduction of the Program
1.Totally 3students will be selected to join this program (one from our school of computer science and technology, the other from our food science related majors), the exchanged period will be one semester (September 2015 – January 2016).
The majors of the students to be exchanged are as follows:

School of Computer Science and  Technology (1 student) School of Computer Science
School of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (1 student) School of Health and Food Science

2.Subject the student exchange agreement, the two universities will mutually reduce the tuitions of the exchanged students. Our students shall pay tuitions to BITZH but not DIT, while the accommodation, transportation and other costs shall be borne by the students themselves.
II.Requirements for Selection
1.The applicant shall be our registered second-year or third-year full time student;
2.English requirement: IELTS 5.5 (or equivalent TOEFL scores );
3.The specific requirements of the academic school the applicant academic school shall be satisfied.
III.Selection Procedure
1.The academic schools shall each draw up detailed selection scheme and requirement, the applicant shall submit the “BITZH undergraduate overseas exchange of student applicant form” (Form 1 attached hereto) with signed recommendation opinion and affixed with the academic school’ official chop before 17:30 April 25, 2015 to the international office (Room1013 of the librarybuilding).
2.After each academic school determine the candidate student, the student shall submit the following documents to the international office together with an electronic version to the mailbox of internationalzhbit@163.combefore 17:30 April 25, 2015.
(1)health certificate in English  (including tuberculosis and hepatitis B inspection)
(2)transcript in Chinese and English
(3)enrollment certificate in Chinese and English
(4)recommendation letter in English (the recommender shall be our teacher)
1.Upon the approval of DIT to receive our recommended students, the students shall proceed with the required visas by themselves with the guidance of our international office.
2.The courses selected by the admitted student shall be audited by his/her academic school and our office of academic affairs, meanwhile the student shall deal with the temporary suspension procedures according to our registry requirements.
3.After returning BITZH, the exchanged student shall submit a study report to his/her academic school and our international office.
4.This is an exchange program between two universities. Once admitted, the student shall not give up studying unless it occur any force majeure event, and BITZH reserves the right to cancel its recommendation for any student.
1.This is an exchange program between two universities. No academic degree of the exchanged university will be granted to the exchanged student.
2.The exchanged student shall select DIT courses in line with his/her own professional training plan at BITZH.  Whether or not the selected courses satisfy such a requirement shall be determined by the chief of the student’academic school in the way of signing.
3.The student shall join the correspondent courses for study and examination at the exchanged university in line with his/her course study plan filled in his/her application form. BITZH will acknowledge the correspondent courses and credits our students study and obtain at DIT as long as the student properly deal with the course selection and credit transfer formalities before he/she leave for DIT, that is, he/she shall fill in the “BITZH overseas study course correspondence and credit transfer form” (Form 2 attached hereto), which shall be signed by the professor in charge and the dean and submitted to the academic school, the office of academic affairs and the international office.
4.Upon the completion of the student’s overseas studying and returning BITZH, his/her credits obtained shall be approved by his/her academic school and the office of academic affairs. The office of academic affairs shall record the courses and grades of the students in line with the credits approved by his/her academic school and the transcripts provided by the exchanged university.
5.If it occurs any change in his/her actual study at the exchanged university, the student shall contact his/her academic school of BITZH in time. The adjustment of his/her selected courses with credit at the exchanged university shall be subject to the prior approval of his/her academic school, and such adjustment information shall be submitted to the office of academic school.
6.Students may consult his/her academic school and the office of academic school for more details of course selection and credit transfer etc.
7.Students joining this program need to pay his/her own accommodation and catering fees in line with DIT standards, and bear other personal spending such as book fee, transportation costs, passport fee, visa fee, visa service fee, examination fee, insurance premium and so on.
8.Applicant students shall voluntarily comply with BITZH and DIT rulesas well as the relevantIrish laws and regulations.